Massage Services

New massage services!

  • Duo massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Peppermint hot foot wrap massage
  • Pet massage at your home
  • Shiatsu massage

Therapeutic Massage
Incorporates stretching and myofascial release, stretching and lengthening of the muscles, range of motion, and trigger point.

Swedish Massage
A gentle form of massage using kneading and long stroking movements for total relaxation.

Trigger Point Massage
Localized pressure point work to help relieve tension areas.

Hot Stone Therapy
Introducing hot stone therapy during a massage treatment benefits by incorporating heat into the massage. This gives complete and total relaxation of the muscle and whole body.

Myofascial Release
A combination of gentle stretching and deep tissue work.

Based on the principles that there are reflexes in the hands and feet which correspond to other parts of the body. With properly applied pressure, the reflex imbalances of the hands and feet are often eliminated as well as the corresponding body part.

Muscle Release Technique
(R.U.I.T. – Repetitive Use Injury Treatment)
Unique injury therapy that combines compression, extension, movement and breath to give the therapist a tool to provide relief from pain, in many cases in one treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage
A lighter stroking massage which is used when there is congestion in the lymphatic system which causes body tissues to retain toxins and fluid. This form of massage helps get the lymphatic fluids moving freely again and increases the ability to fight disease.

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